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Welcome to KidsChurch

Our vision for KidsChurch ministry is to be a place of belonging and nurture, where the kids feel safe, loved and are supported to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus. Having a sense of fun and belonging is an important foundation on which their learning and trust can grow. We are committed to sharing the message of the gospel in a real, life-affirming way.

Our kids church teaching is aligned with what is happening in big church. As well as our Sunday morning programme, highlights for KidsChurch and families continue to be the fellowship, fun and support we enjoy together, and the social occasions we have are an invaluable platform for this. We have regular after-church picnics in various locations, family movie nights and things like our pancake evening and the annual light party later in the year, to which we invite friends, mainly music and ESOL families.


Sunday morning during the 8:30am and 10:15am worship services (term-time) in the St George’s Church Hall.

8:30am: School years 1-6
10:15am: Dedicated preschoolers programme + KidsChurch, years 1-6

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