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Agape Brunch

Sunday 19th February 2023

St Georges - Passing the Peace

18th September 2022

Our St George’s whanau passing the peace on Sunday and the good vibes of grace in the community tangible.

Spiritually of Music - Video

17th September 2022

So good to be back celebrating the spiritual beauty of music through some classic songs and stories. Thank you everyone who came to support the Tony McClean Nepal Trust fund last night and the good people of Eastview Baptist church for your generous hospitality. A snapshot of the gig and and a celebration of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’


Volcano Challenge

12-13th June 2021

1 Weekend – 7 Volcanos

Well Done St G’s Youth Group! for your contribution towards our fundraising for a new church roof.

Resurrection Lunch on the Lawn

Sunday, April 11th 2021

2020 Spiritually of Music Night

Josh Jones & The Secret Chords

Held on Saturday 14th November.

A celebration and exploration of the power of music to transcend barriers of language, culture, age and race.

Working Bee

Our very dedicated volunteers having a well deserved break – October 2020

St George's Kids Fun Arvo

Saturday, October 31st 2020

2020 Welcome Back Lunch on the Lawn

St George’s Annual “Welcome Back” Sunday Lunch on the Lawn 16 February 2020

Advent Lunch on the Lawn

St George’s Annual Advent Lunch on the Lawn, 1 December 2019

Mens Retreat 2019

Friday 27th Sept – 29th Sept 2019


Held on 28th July 2019

Sri Lankan Lunch

Held on 9th June 2019

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