Sermon Notes

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17 Oct 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-All to Jesus I Surrender-Ken Leech

10 Oct 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-How Great Thou Art-Josh Jones

03 Oct 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-The Blessing -Chris Clarke

26 Sept 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go -Gareth Walters

19 Sept 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-Spiritual Songs To God- Josh Jones    

12 Sept 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-The Heart of Worship – Steph Brook

05 Sept 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-Amazing Grace – Chris Clarke

29 Aug 2021-IN HONOUR OF THE HYMN-Dear Lord and Father of Mankind – Josh Jones

22 Aug 2021-FIVE MARKS OF MISSION- Proclamation-Chris Clarke

15 Aug 2021-FIVE MARKS OF MISSION-To safeguard the integrity of Gods creation-Jeremy Woods

08 Aug  2021-FIVE MARKS OF MISSION -To teach, baptise and nuture new believers – Karen Spoelstra

01 Aug  2021-FIVE MARKS OF MISSION – Respond to Human Need through Loving Service – Josh Jones

25 July 2021-FIVE MARKS OF MISSION-Pursuing Justice-Sarah Scott Webb

18 July 2021-GUARDING OUR HEARTS – Happiness-Chris Clarke

11 July 2021-GUARDING YOUR HEART-Be Strong-Stan Thorburn

04 July 2021-GUARDING OUR HEARTS – The Interior Journey-Josh Jones

27 June 2021 – GUARDING OUR HEARTS – from the love of money-Jeremy Woods

13 June 2021-WHANAU TOGETHER-Steph Brook

30 May 2021-TRINITY SUNDAY-It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us-Chris Clarke

23 May 2021-PENTECOST -Josh Jones

16 May 2021-TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH-The Good News-Josh Jones

09 May 2021-Resurrection Hope-Mary Magdalene-Karen Spoelstra

02 May 2021-Resurrection Hope-Jeremy Woods

11 April 2021-RESURRECTION- empty tomb-Stan Thorburn

28 March 2021-Palm Sunday- Chris Clarke

14 February 2021-BAPTISM Spirtitual Growth- Josh Jones

07 February 2021-Treaty and Covenant-Jeremy Woods

31 January 2021-To know as we are known Psalm 139- Sandy Robertson

17 January 2021-Sermon Psalm 136-Jeannie Blaker

05 January 2021-Palm 8- Why care-Stan Thorburn

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