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“The Five Marks of Mission”


Foundational to our Christian faith are the two greatest commandments from Jesus Christ. We are called to love God and love our neighbours’. These two commandments are at the heartbeat of what is known as the ‘Five Marks of Mission’. These are the living embodied expressions of what it looks like to live out our ‘resurrection hope’ in the everyday arenas and reality of our lives. As a Church community who are the body of Christ, we believe it’s crucial that we revisit what is the Mission of Christ here on earth every year, so that they remain core to who we are and how we   understand our call as followers of Christ. Over the next five weeks we will explore these  mission marks with an emphasis on the integrated nature of all these five callings. The most credible and authentic way we can proclaim the good news of our faith is to live out our mission calling in all its fullness.

  • Proclaiming the Good News
  • Nurturing Christian Faith
  • Loving Service to Others.
  • Transforming Unjust Structures
  • Caring for God’s Creation

We invite you to tune in and consider how the Resurrection of Jesus speaks into each of these   ‘Five Marks of Mission’, as we think about what it means to be a church and people ‘alive’ in our new life with Christ.


St Georges Epsom

SUNDAY 25th July

8.30am + 10.15am

SPEAKER: Sarah Scott-Webb

SUNDAY 1st August

8.30am + 10.15am

SPEAKER: Rev. Josh Jones 

SUNDAY 8th August

8.30am + 10.15am

SPEAKER: Karen Spoelstra

SUNDAY 15th August

8.30am + 10.15am

SPEAKER: Jeremy Woods

SUNDAY 22nd August

8.30am + 10.15am

SPEAKER: Chris Clarke

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