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‘The Gift of the Sacraments’

Over the next two weeks, we’re taking a deeper look at three key sacraments of our Church: ‘Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion’.

The question is ‘Why’?

The reality is that each of these ‘sacred practices’, offer us something crucial to our Christian story and formation, but over the passage of time can become lost and confused.

For some, these sacraments can be so ‘over-familiar’, they’ve lost the power of their meaning.

Some of us are familiar, but not really sure of their origin or purpose.

In this short series, we’ll plumb the depths of these sacramental ‘gifts’ and take time to mine the riches of these core ‘rites of passage’ in our Christian faith, so that we can all find deeper meaning of the gift they were designed to be.


Sunday, 23rd of June, 2019 – ‘Baptized and Confirmed’ – Rev Gareth Walters

Sunday, 30th of June, 2019 – ‘Breaking Bread, Pouring Wine’– Rev Josh Jones


The Sermon Series after… 7th, 14th and 21st of July, 2019

‘Prophetic Voices’

Have you ever found yourself trying to do what God wants, but find yourself battling vested stake–holders who are so embedded in the ways of the world, that you don’t seem to make any head way?

Welcome to the world of the ‘Minor Prophets’, those too often, glossed over ‘radicals’ at the end of the Hebrew Scriptures, who speak-up for the poor, speak out against justice, and speak through God’s Word.

In this series we’ve invited three ‘minor prophets’ from today’s world, to share their stories of trying to be a ‘prophetic voice’ in their chosen vocations and bring the good news of the Kingdom to bear in areas of the world that desperately need it.


Sunday, 7th of July – Josh Jones and An Interview with Simon Thornley

Sunday, 14th of July – Sarah Scott-Webb: ‘Taken’

Sunday, 21st of July – Jeremy Woods: ‘A Prophetic Message’


Sermon cards

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