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“The Spirit is like the wind and blows where it wants to blow.”

John 3:8

All of us are inextricably involved in the culture of today and there are many aspects that enrich our lives, but the increasing challenge for Christians today is how to express our faith within culture. How do we retain our own distinctive voice and yet also find common ground that enables us to engage and bring our faith into all the arenas of our lives?

“Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith” (Matt 8:10), said Jesus about a Roman Centurion. These words would have stunned his own Jewish people because the Centurion belonged to the culture of the enemy oppressor.

Where might the Spirit of God be at work in unlikely people and surprising ways in today’s culture?

The Arts and Media medium, particularly through films and music, is one of the most powerful agents of influence in our culture today and Christian themes can often be present in these popular mainstream cultural expressions.

Can this give us a common language in which to engage and dialogue with others? What might it look like for Christians to be a distinctive participating voice in these influential mediums?

In this new sermon series, we will be exploring these questions and many more as we aspire to ‘reach and connect with those who no longer reach out and connect with Church or Christianity.’

October 20 Speaker: Rev. Josh Jones

October 27 Speaker: Rev. Kate Berkley

November 3 Speaker: Director of INF – Sean Marsden/Mike and Bex Sanders 

November 10 Speaker: Rev. Gareth Walters

November 17 Speaker: Rev. Josh Jones 

November 24 Speaker: Rev. Gareth Walters

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