Discussion starters

Sunday 27 October
Preacher: Kate Berkley

1 Kings 19:11-13
Acts 17:22-31
Matthew 5:13-16

  • Are you happy with your internet usage (amount of time/types of browsing?)
  • Paul observes and commends the Athenians: “I see you are very religious“. What do you observe about social media that is commendable, and how could you encourage that as a witness to God’s spirit working through this common cultural activity?
  • What disciplines do you practice (or want to practice more) for encountering Jesus in your personal life away from the chatter of smartphones and distractions of social media?

Sunday 20 October
Preacher: Josh Jones

Psalm 139:7
Acts 10:27-35
John 1:36-46

  • Where have you witnessed God at work in surprising ways?
  • How does Josh’s encounter and conversation in the Otago pub speak to you?
  • What do you see as the big challenges in communicating the message of Jesus and the Gospel in today’s culture?

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