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This needs to be arranged as early as possible. Contact the Parish Office to find if the church is available; to book the Church please return the form we give you, along with your deposit of $300 (including GST). Note: There is often more than one wedding booked on a day; start times for weddings are booked at least 3 hours apart.

Marriage Celebrant

If you regularly attend another Christian Church you are welcome to invite your own Pastor or Minister to lead the service. For this to occur, that minister must make contact with one of the St George’s clergy before your booking is confirmed. Otherwise one of the local clergy will be happy to lead the service.

Preparation and the service

The person taking the service will want to meet with you both to plan the ceremony and to discuss your commitment to each other. They will provide ideas to help you plan your wedding service. Taking time out to reflect on your relationship is a vital part of preparing for marriage, therefore we ask all couples who are getting married at St George’s to participate in marriage preparation sessions to discuss aspects of sharing life together. If you are being married by a minister or priest from another denomination, they will be asked to contact our staff to assure us that there sessions are taking place. If you are being married by a priest from St George’s, you will be expected to participate in an 5 weeks marriage preparation course which runs on Tuesdays from 7.30pm. Contact the parish office for upcoming dates.

Organist / music

The church organist, Sandra Arnold (ph: 09 630 7254), is often available to play for weddings. You may also use music on CD or bring your own musicians.


You are required to obtain a Marriage Licence from the Justice Department (The Department of Internal Affairs) – Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This must be delivered to St George’s Church Office two weeks before the service, along with your donation to the Church and your organist payment (if using our organist).

Note: A licence takes at least four working days to be processed by the Government Department.

Buildings and furniture

We ask that you respect the building and its layout. Furniture or other items may not be moved without the permission of the Vicar or Verger. Tape, blu-tak and pins are not permitted on pews / wooden surfaces.


We request that you do not use confetti or rice.

Sound / other equipment

The Church provides a sound desk operator. If you require any other equipment or assistance please discuss it with us at least two weeks prior to the service. St George’s is more than happy for you to use ALL their musical equipment.

Note for all wedding musicians: All equipment must be left exactly as found. No wires need to be changed or dismantled in any way.


To book a wedding rehearsal (usually up to one hour) arrange a time with the office (and with your minister).

Flowers and Decorations

You are welcome to organise a florist to supply and arrange flowers for you. St George’s can also provide a display of white flowers which are to be left in the church for our Sunday services. If there is another wedding on the same day you may organise to share flowers with them. Otherwise, flowers will need to be set up after the previous wedding. If it is possible that one floral arrangement can be left in the church for our Sunday services, it would be very much appreciated. No flowers are required during Lent (the six weeks prior to Easter).

Please advise the office whether you are providing floral arrangements for your wedding and book a time for your florist to be able to enter the church during office hours; Monday – Friday, 9am – 2.30pm. Some stands and vases are available for use, but must not be taken from the church.

You are welcome to use the window boxes and/or use pew decorations; however, you must not use sticky tape, Blu-tack or pins on any timber surfaces. Damage caused by using these will be repaired at your expense. Candles may only be used on the tables in the altar area of the church, or the candle stands provided. Candles are only allowed in the main altar area.

Front of the church

From time to time St George’s Church is decorated in special ways, particularly during seasons like Lent, Easter and Advent/Christmas. This means there may be special visual installations in the church (eg. banners, sculptures, pictures, Christmas trees, etc) which may not be there at other times. When you confirm a wedding booking, we will let you know if we think there may be special decorations in the church at the time of your wedding. Special decorations cannot always be easily removed so they may need to remain visible in church for weddings booked at St George’s.


$1000 (This includes $300 booking fee). If you wish to use the church organist that is an extra $130.

Note: Payment for the organist and the church donation should be made online, with the Marriage Licence and Particulars of Marriage, delivered to the office or scanned and emailed at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.

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