St George’s Dinner in Homes

August 25, 2019

The general idea:

  • Opportunity to meet people from other congregations in a small group.
  • Six to eight people make up one dinner table in homes on three different monthly occasions.
  • While we require many hosts there is no pressure to do so.
  • The host provides the meat/main dish and guest couples provide starter / salad or vegetables / dessert.
  • If not joining as a couple, invite a friend to come with you or register as a single person.

Dinner dates:
Friday 28th or Saturday 29th June
Friday 26th or Saturday 27th July
Friday 23th or Saturday 24th August

Pencil the date into your diary now!

Info for Hosts:

• Nibbles / wine optional.
• Your month for hosting will be confirmed ASAP after 16th June.
• You contact your guests, arrange the date and invite them to contribute to the meal.
• Choose a Friday, Saturday night or both if you would like.
• We ask that the host feels free to find a replacement if anyone is unable to come on the night.

For more information, please contact:
Julie Macdonald on 630 3123, 027 444 2577 or Penny Kestle on 630 6531, 027 257 5525 or

All are welcome!

Please register your interest with the parish office by

Sunday, 16th June

or call 520 5652

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