Kiwi Pilgrimage

March 28, 2020
Change and Continuity.

The destination of this pilgrimage is The Cedar Centre in Tramway Road Beach Haven. This is the Anglican Church for the district. At approximately 15 kilometres this is one of the shorter walks, but there is more hill walking in it than some of the others. However, we are not pushed for time so it can be done at an easy pace.

We will leave St George’s at 8.00am taking a bus into town to connect with the ferry for Birkenhead Point. From here we will walk around the coast to Verrans Corner then down through Birkdale to the Cedar Centre. Essentially, we will be following the path of the old chapel at the centre which has been shifted three times in its life since 1885 and which continues to serve its function as a church in the community.

The intention is to have a mid-morning swim at Kendall’s Bay. Lunch will be hosted at Verrans Corner by two parishioners from St George’s. We will return by ferry from Beach Haven at 5.00pm aiming to be back at St George’s Epsom by approximately 6.15pm.

For registration and enquiries phone Greg Smith, 524 2926 or email,

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