Community outreach

Third Space

Third Space is a truly exciting Spirit inspired initiative that was launched over 7 years ago and has resulted in such Kingdom fruit as the building of the Te Papapa Pre-school.

Distinct for our other ‘life spaces’ of home and work, we have used pubs and cafes and a marae for our ‘third space’ events to engage with others in the community to generate conversations about topics that ‘matter’. This has involved a night discussing ‘Politics Matter’ (with Jacinda Ardern) ‘Justice Matters’ – ‘Creativity Matters’ – ‘Poverty Matters’ and Creation Matters’ among many others.

We have had a long involvement with Te Papapa Preschool and initiated a social enterprise and community centre called Tō Wāhi (Your Place). Both Te Papapa Preschool and Tō Wāhi are locally managed, with support and governance from Third Space where requested.

Third Space also acts as an umbrella organisation supporting a social enterprise initiated by St George’s Youth Group, called Launching Rockets. It also supports Rent Smart, a council initiative connected to Tō Wāhi, which provides information and support to people looking to rent in the Onehunga area.

Al of these are examples of our passion for community engagement and outreach.


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