About us

Our vision

We seek to reach out and connect with those who no longer reach out and connect with Church/Christianity

At the very heart of our vision ethos is the desire to be a church community in Christ that is life-giving and life-affirming.  Jesus said “I have come so that you may have life in all its fullness” and this promise informs all that we aspire to nurture and cultivate.

We all need to belong to a purpose greater than our selves. We all have a desire to belong and be part of communities that encourage and support. We are built for relationship because we’re created by a God who is relationship.

Local church life

We value the fact that God has placed us in our community to share the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in both word and action with everyone, whatever their age or background. We want to play our part in being God’s blessing on our community.


We value worship that is both passionate and intimate and leads us into an encounter with God. We understand that different people will connect with God in different ways, so we value the provision of different styles of worship, which is why at St George’s you can choose from a range of services, from something that is more formal and traditional, through to something that is very informal and relaxed.

Spirit-empowered life

We seek to be a church that is intentionally open to the leading of the Spirit.  Jesus promised us that “when the Spirit comes, he will guide you into all truth” (John 16:14) so we value time and space for contemplative, deep listening of the Spirit’s Wisdom for every aspect of our lives. We encourage this openness in our services and at any other time when we gather corporately to pray, either as a whole church, or in smaller groups. We offer prayer for individuals after every service, where we ask for God’s healing, redemptive Spirit to be at work in that person’s life.

The Inspiration of Holy Scripture

We seek to be a community that treasures the gift of Holy Scripture, which illuminates and reveals the cosmic story of HOPE that lies in a Creator God who seeks to reconcile and restore ALL CREATION back to himself through Christ. We desire to go ever deeper in our understanding of all the scriptures and our belief and ethics founded on the person and work of Jesus. We value Bible teaching that is Spirit-inspired, relevant, intelligent and equips people in their everyday lives.

Kingdom-Centred Mission

We want to share the good news of Jesus’ Kingdom with our whole community. We are excited that we are the privileged participants in God’s redeeming mission and seek to providing ways in which people can explore the relevance of the Christian faith for their lives. We want to reach out in love to serve others so that we can be God’s blessing to our community.

Active discipleship

We not only want to help people find a personal faith in Jesus, we want to help them grow in that faith and equip people to live out their Christian lives with purpose, transformation and hope. A fully integrated, fully connected, full embodied faith in the blood, sweat and tears of all our lives.

Every-member ministry

We value the Church as being the Body of Christ, where every person has an important part to play. We help people to discover their God-given gifts and we encourage everyone to make a contribution to the life of St George’s that is rewarding and fruitful.

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