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So to conclude I want to speak into our giving appeal for 2024. And I’ll make this brief.

The first thing to say is that we are very aware of a number of new people to St George’s so first let me explain some core structural realities and principles around our finances.

Firstly, because we are an Anglican Church existing in the organisation called the Diocese, people can understandably think we are funded by the Bishop and the Diocese.

How we wish this was true, but it’s not. All Anglican Churches including St G’s are self-financing. We only exist because of the faithful generosity of our you, our community. It’s why in the past few years St Oswald’s of Onehunga and St James of Orakei have ceased to exist. They simply couldn’t sustain their ministry and mission. 

The second thing to say is about transparency and accountability.

One of the big strengths of belonging to the Diocese is that there are long standing principles and procedures in place to ensure accountability. Every year we have our Annual AGM where our accounts are explained, and full opportunity given for anyone to ask questions and receive answers. Our AGM will be in May after the Easter holidays. 

But the third and the most important thing to say about our giving appeal for 2024 is this.

ALL of the giving we receive – is for all that we’ve spoken about today and last week.

Our Mission calling to be a people with a Kingdom Vision of Hope.

All of your financial giving goes into serving the work of the Kingdom come. Be it our weekly operational costs or our local and overseas mission work, all monies received are simply a way to serve our Christian calling to be GATHERED worship community and a SENT community. Sent to be the God flavours and the God colours in our local community and beyond. To sow seeds of Kingdom hope in our own lives and in the lives of others.

Without question, this is a very significant and very exciting moment in the journey of our St George’s community.

One of the most thrilling aspects of these past 4 incredibly challenging years… is how many times we have all stepped out in faith together to boldly meet all the challenges.

Through prayer, God’s providence, and the immense generosity of you our community, we have risen to all our challenges and we are grateful for all kingdom fruit that’s been manifested. 

So today we are asking you to prayerfully consider how you can contribute to our vision aspirations. We do acknowledge that we live at a time of cost-of-living increases. We also acknowledge that everyone has different financial capabilities and all we ask, is that you consider what you may be able to give.

  • You may be fairly new to St George’s and feeling that this is your community, so we ask that you consider making a commitment to regular giving.
  • You may be part of our growing online community and we ask you to help support our vision aspirations.
  • You may already be a regular giver and we very humbly ask that you pray on how you may be able to give a little more.
  • You may be in a position to consider making a large one-off donation. A few months back someone gave a $15,000 donation which came at the time when the financial ice was very thin, and it really helped to relieve the weight of financial burden.

But whatever you are able to give, please know that we are immensely grateful for your contributions which will be for one purpose only. To sow more kingdom seeds for our beautiful kingdom calling and our Vision of hope.

St Georges Epsom

How to give on a regular basis

INTERNET BANKING:  Westpac Bank account # 03-0104-0109844-01

EFTPOS: Terminal is available at the back of the church.

DONATION BOX: Is available at the back of the church.

If you would like to make regular donations or a one-off gift to the church, you can do this by completing a Financial Giving Form. These are also found on the table at the back of the church or from the Office. Return to the office, 9am – 3pm weekdays

At the end of every financial year a tax receipt is provided.

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