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Everything you see happening around you in this church community, including the Staff – Youth Ministry – Children and Families Ministry – Church services – Giving to Local and Overseas Mission, along with all the maintenance and running costs, are funded mostly by you.
As always, we want to thank you hugely, for all that you give in time, talents and finance. We never take for granted the generosity of this wonderful community and we are very excited about our future. We believe passionately in the spirit of this life-affirming community that is being built and nurtured here at St George’s and look forward to our continued growth in Jesus Christ.


INTERNET BANKING:  Westpac Bank account # 03-0104-0109844-01

EFTPOS: Terminal is available at the back of the church.

If you would like to make regular donations or a one-off gift to the church,
you can do this by completing one of our “Giving Forms”.
These are found on the table at the back of the church – from the Office
or downloaded from our website www.stgeorgesepsom.org.nz
Return to the office, 9am – 3pm weekdays
At the end of every financial year a tax receipt is provided.


Once a year, with a half yearly up-date, we present our Vision Sunday and Finance Appeal. Our passion and excitement centered on the kingdom growth and life-giving fruits happening in this community in Christ, and our gratitude for God’s good providence these past three years.

With your incredibly generous support, we have tackled the big, critical maintenance issues and begun investing in the key ministry and mission areas of Youth, along with Children and Families.

YOUTH – Our Youth group is growing not just in numbers but also in their deepening relationships with God and each other. We believe in nurturing a strong sense of Christ-centered discipleship and an encouraging supportive community focus.

CHILDREN AND FAMILIES – We’ve seen a similar story of growth in this ministry, with a recent explosion in the under-5’s. But speak to those involved and they will tell you that we need to invest as we did with Youth if we are to sustain this exciting fruit.
All of these exciting fruits only happened because we invested in faith, with prayer and finance.


We’re now at a crucial stage where we need to sustain this level of investment and all we gently ask is for people to prayerfully consider what you may be able to give at this time.

If you’re fairly new to St George’s and are beginning to feel that this is your community, could we please ask you to reflect as to how you might begin to contribute to the life of this community.



St Georges Epsom

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