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We begin an important, 8-week series, exploring four of our core vision values.

  • Daring greatly - Taking Risks by following the Spirit's leading
  • To be a place of grace – recognising that we are all here by the gift of God’s grace
  • Diversity as a gift not a threat - Life affirming, life enhancing community
  • Creativity and Justice - Our creative prophetic endeavours proclaiming the gospel

At the heart of who we are as God’s church, is the call to reach and connect with those (who for many reasons) no longer reach out and connect with the church. Not just the unchurched but also those who have been part of church and faith all their lives but are sadly drifting away. This is the defining challenge for the Church today! Any church that isn’t recognising and trying to meet this challenge is failing in its mission and ministry and our core vision and values speak into our desire to meet this challenge. The aim of this series is to start conversations among each other as a community around these values as we aspire to deepen our faith in a way that’s fully integrated into all parts of our lives.

Date:13 August: A Place of Grace - Gareth Walters

Date:06 August: A Place of Grace - Gareth Walters

Date:30 July: Dare Greatly - Josh Jones

Date: 23 July: Dare Greatly - Josh Jones

Every year on Easter Sunday, we rightly proclaim “Alleluia! Christ is risen! HE is risen indeed!” But each day as we travel to our work and study spaces, as we face the challenges of our family and friend relationships, come to terms with a rapidly changing world and generally grapple with a myriad of life’s experiences. How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ impact and influence who we are and how we live in this ‘real world’? We know that this inaugurated ‘New Creation’ of which Christ was the ‘first fruit’ - dramatically changed the disciples forever but how can we experience and live this kind of transformational hope in the rigours of everyday life? On May 7th we begin a look at the Resurrection stories from the BOOK OF JOHN to explore these questions.

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The word revolution has different connotations for different people. Not all of them are healthy ones. But the word revolution comes from the Latin revolutio, which means ‘a turn around’ - a fundamental change in the structure of societies that takes place in a relatively short period of time.  This, of course, is the story of Christianity after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To ‘turn around’ carries the same implications as the word repent, which means to change direction—change how you live your life and walk ‘towards’ God and His kingdom ways as revealed in Christ. As St Paul urged, ‘be transformed by the renewing of your heart and mind’. In his new book, Tom Wright describes the Cross as ‘The day the revolution began’: the pivotal turning point in the history of humanity with cosmic repercussions and significance. We explore all this as we travel our journey of Lent over the next 6 weeks.  How do the events of the Cross ‘turn around’ and revolutionise the way we live every aspect our lives? 

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Sabbath is the biblical principle of setting aside a day for rest and worship. In Exodus 20:8 the Sabbath is commanded by God to be kept as a holy day of restoration, as God rested from creation. In our ultra busy, noise saturated world, it’s essential to make space in our lives to take stock and savour life’s rich blessings given by God. To soak in the presence of God that permeates all life. Throughout this series we explore aspects of this principle.

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11 September 2016


Sermon:  Gareth Walters

4 September 2016


Sermon: Josh Jones

28 August 2016


Sermon: Gareth Walters


 21 August 2016


Sermon: Chris Clarke

14 August 2016 - The_Charismatic_Tradition.MP3

Sermon - Josh Jones



7 August 2016 - The_Holiness_Tradition.MP3

Sermon - Gareth Walters





Sermon:  Josh Jones




Co-workers for God's creation

Sermon - Lou Hawkes/Neil Broom - 10.7.16.MP3

Taking Risks

Sermon - Josh Jones - 3 July 2016.MP3

Formation in Christ

Sermon - Gareth Walters - 26.6.16.MP3

The Great Co-Mission

Sermon - Josh Jones - 19.06.16.MP3

Resurrection Hope

Sermon - 12.6.16 - Danielle Lewthwaite.MP3