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The perennial challenge for Christians the world over, is the practice of cultivating a deep, rich and sustained prayer life. Scratch the surface and genuine believers speak of their mixed experience of prayer: “How do I fit prayer into my busy schedule, when life is already full to the brim?” “What’s the point of praying? When I do pray, God seems a million miles away…!” “What difference do my prayers make, when God’s purposes seem to be already worked out?” Yet read the Scriptures and we see how for Jesus and the early Church prayer seemed to be the ‘life-line’ to the Father and Holy Spirit, that enabled Christ and the church to complete the mission and ministry of God, in its fullest sense. Jesus, Himself, taught His disciples the importance of prayer and St. Paul encouraged the church, ‘to pray without ceasing’ (1 Thess. 5:17). In this series, we consider some of the key passages on prayer, with a view to getting us to think, reflect and respond to this invitation to pray…

Date:14th October: Resistance to Prayer: Why is Prayer So Hard-Gareth Walters

Date:07 October: The Question of Jesus - Barbara Fraser

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"Think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you." Romans 12:3 'Sir, we would like to see Jesus' are the words from John 12:21 that are also enshrined in our church building. As we have emphasized many times, this is the central motivation of all our ministry endeavours. In our next sermon series, "Let’s be Honest”... we want to look honestly and sincerely at the attitudes and perspectives, in both our own hearts and in others, that can get in the way of 'seeing Jesus' more clearly. Having considered the call to share Christ’s ‘light and salt’ in the contexts we find ourselves, we can often be aware that in our discussions with others, that there are barriers to people exploring the Christian faith. Holy Scripture shows us many examples of Jesus challenging attitudes that he considered barriers to people seeing and knowing Him more clearly. He also praised and encouraged those people he regarded as having hearts and minds open to His way and truth. Some of these were surprising people. In this series, we want to zero in on these encounters with Jesus and ask where we can see both the challenge and the encouragement for ourselves and the wider church of Christ. Looking honestly in the mirror with sober judgment, can be an uncomfortable experience but also a deeply liberating and hopeful one. Let’s be honest, we all need help to identify our blind spots, and Jesus does exactly that.

Date:30th September: Lets Be Honest-Honest for a purpose-Gareth Walters

Date:23rd September: Lets Be Honest -Welcome Home-Chris Clarke

Date:16th September: Lets Be Honest -Tribe vs Tribal-Josh Jones

Date:9th September: Lets Be Honest -Wells and Fences-Youth

Date:2nd September: Lets Be Honest -Gareth Walters

Date:26 August: Lets Be Honest - Kate Berkley

Date:19 August: Lets Be Honest - Eyes to See and Ears to Hear- Josh Jones

Date:12 August: Lets Be Honest - Gareth Walters

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Date:05 August: Overseas Missions - Sanders & Bissett's

Over the last four weeks, we’ve been exploring what it means to be, “The City on the Hill". Over the next eight weeks, we delve deeper into this theme through our “Faith in Context’ Sermon Series. When we think of this idea, of being ’salt and light', we can often presume it’s referring only to the gathered ‘church’ meeting Sunday by Sunday, and what we do collectively as St George's. But perhaps, more significant is the question, ‘How do we all shine with God’s colours as the ‘scattered’ people of God, in the places we do life?' If you’ve ever struggled to connect your Sunday worship with the 'Other Six Days’, then this series is for you. We have selected a spread of different people to speak into our home life, work life and other places, so that we might understand how to live ’salty' lives. Scattered throughout the next eight weeks, there will also be interviews with people from our congregations, who are trying to prayerfully work out what it means to follow Jesus through the vagaries of their own experience.

Date: 29 July: Faith in Disability - Mike Potter

Date: 22 July: Faith in Creativity - Josh Jones

Date: 15 July: Faith in Medicine - Helen Saunders

Date: 08 July: Faith in Commerce - Chris Clarke

Date: 01 July: Faith in Culture - Jay Ruka

Date:24 June: Faith in Family - Kate Berkley

Date:17 June: Faith in Education - Andrew Saunders

Date:10 June: Faith in Context - Gareth Walters

You are a light on a hill

Date: 3rd June: You are a light on a hill : Josh Jones "Affect Change by our Presence"

Date: 27th May: You are a light on a hill : Kate Berkley "Trinity"

Date: 20th May: You are a light on a hill : 7.45am, 9am Judy Carey 10.45am Tim Costello

Date: 13th May: You are a Light on a hilll : Gareth Walters and Josh Jones

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Jesus is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn resurrected from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. Colossians 1:18 "The message of Easter is that God's new world has been unveiled in Jesus Christ and that you're now invited to belong to it.” ― N.T. Wright  For so many the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is THE greatest moment in all of human history and has caused more ripples throughout our world than any other single event. As followers of Jesus, those 'ripples' find their best expression in what are called “The Five Marks of Mission”, a phrase coined by the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Resurrection of Jesus was the inauguration of the 'new creation', the first fruits of a brave new world of resurrection hope, where we can all live out Christ-shaped lives. “The Five Marks of Mission” are a tangible picture of how we can all do this in the everyday reality of our lives. Proclaiming the Good News; Nurturing Christian Faith; Loving Service to Others; Transforming Unjust Structures; Caring for God’s Creation. Some of you will remember that we explored these “Five Marks” three years ago but given that Mission (in its fullest sense) is core to who we are as a Christian community, we felt the Spirit leading us to reaffirm our understanding and commitment to God's Mission in the world.  We invite you to tune in and consider how the Resurrection of Jesus speaks into each of these “The Five Marks of Mission”, as we think about what it means to be a church and people ‘alive’ in our new life with Christ.

Date: 6th May: Resurrection, Hope and The Five Marks of Mission : Josh Jones

Date: 29th April: Resurrection, Hope and The Five Marks of Mission : Diane Miller-Keeley

Date: 22nd April: Resurrection, Hope and The Five Marks of Mission : Josh Jones

Date: 15th April: Resurrection, Hope and The Five Marks of Mission : Gareth Walters

Date: 8th April: Resurrection, Hope and The Five Marks of Mission : Wilson Chan

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A number of biblical scholars have referred to the 'scandal' of the cross. We began the deeply profound Christian season of Lent and this year we explore the theme, ‘The Scandal of the Cross’. For those of us who have been on the Christian journey for some time, we can become lulled into a familiarity that forgets the scandal of Jesus – the Son of God dying on a Roman instrument of torture. This Lent we’re going to be reminding ourselves what the scandal of the Cross is, and consider the different perspectives, contained within Scripture, of what took place when Jesus died on the Cross. All of us are aware, that on the Cross, human history changed forever. In this series we’ll look at the different ‘pictures’ of the Cross and what implications each one has for the way in which we live out daily lives, as we seek to follow Jesus.

Date: 1st April-Easter Sunday: The Scandal of the Cross : Gareth Walters

Date:25 March: The Scandal of the Cross - Kate Berkley

Date:18 March: The Scandal of the Cross - Josh Jones

Date:11 March: The Scandal of the Cross - Gareth Walters

Date:4 March: The Scandal of the Cross - Chris Clarke

Date:25 February: The Scandal of the Cross - Josh Jones

Date:18 February: The Scandal of the Cross - Gareth Walters

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Date:14 February: Ash Wednesday - Stan Thorburn

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Date:11 February: Vision Sunday - Josh Jones

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Date:04 February: Feed the hungry - Dee Jones

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Date:28 January: Pictures of rest - Josh Jones

Date:21 January: Pictures of rest - Colin Ruge

Date:14 January: Pictures of rest - Kate Berkley

Date:07 January: Pictures of rest - Gareth Walters

Date:31 December: Pictures of rest - Stan Thorburn

Sermon unavailable

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We begin a sermon series called ‘Set the Captives Free’.

These are the electrifying words that Jesus Christ read out in his home town synagogue at the very beginning of his ministry. Quoting words from the prophet Isaiah, Jesus announced his statement of intent. He’d come to free people from all that holds us captive - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We will continue to run this series through to Christmas incorporating the season of Advent in which we celebrate the incarnation of Christ. Theologically, the incarnation is about God coming among us in Christ to free us from the stranglehold of all that separates us from the way of God, so we felt that this was a theme to be explored in depth right through to Christmas Day.

A thread running through this series, will be the idea that respected and renowned Bible scholar and theologian Walter Brueggeman calls the 1st and 2nd scripts of life. The first script is the dominant script of culture which involves the false Gods of power, possessions and prestige. The second script, of course, is the one given and lived out by Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith, the narrative of the kingdom of God.

All of us are in some way or another bound up and captive to aspects of the first and dominant script. We will explore how Jesus intended to set us free from all that holds us captive.

Date:24 December: Set the Captives Free - Josh Jones

Sermon unavailable

Date:17 December: Set the Captives Free - Johannes Balzer

Date:10 December: Set the Captives Free - Josh Jones

Date:03 December: Set the Captives Free - Chris Farrelly

Sermon unavailable

Date:26 November: Set the Captives Free - Chris Clarke

Date:19 November: Set the Captives Free - Josh Jones

Date:12 November: Set the Captives Free - Gareth Walters

Date:05 November: Set the Captives Free - Chelsea Kirby

Date:29 October: Set the Captives Free - Josh Jones

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We begin a 5-week sermon series drawing from Old Testament characters entitled “Finding God in the Tough Places”.The motivation for this series, is to explore the very real trials and challenges we all face as Christians in the testing circumstances that life will inevitably bring us. Situations that can stretch our faith and at times threaten to overwhelm us. It’s clear that our faith does not make us immune to these challenges and even Jesus found himself so anguished and tormented that his sweat fell like drops of blood to the ground. The Old Testament is rich in characters that endured these times of trial and we want to explore how their faith was tested, changed and deepened in the raw humanity of life.

Date:22 October: Finding God in Tough Places - Karen Spoelstra

Sermon unavailable

Date:15 October: In a tough place: Deep calls to Deep - Stan Thorburn

Date:08 October: Finding God when you are so angry - Judy Carey

Date:01 October: Into your hands I commit my spirit - Josh Jones

Date:24 September: Forgotten - Gareth Walters

We begin an important, 8-week series, exploring four of our core vision values.

  • Daring greatly - Taking Risks by following the Spirit's leading
  • To be a place of grace – recognising that we are all here by the gift of God’s grace
  • Diversity as a gift not a threat - Life affirming, life enhancing community
  • Creativity and Justice - Our creative prophetic endeavours proclaiming the gospel

At the heart of who we are as God’s church, is the call to reach and connect with those (who for many reasons) no longer reach out and connect with the church. Not just the unchurched but also those who have been part of church and faith all their lives but are sadly drifting away. This is the defining challenge for the Church today! Any church that isn’t recognising and trying to meet this challenge is failing in its mission and ministry and our core vision and values speak into our desire to meet this challenge. The aim of this series is to start conversations among each other as a community around these values as we aspire to deepen our faith in a way that’s fully integrated into all parts of our lives.

Date:17 September: Creativity and Justice - Josh Jones

Sermon unavailable

Date:10 September: Creativity and Justice - Josh Jones

Sermon unavailable

Date:03 September: Father’s Day - Gareth Walters

Date:27 August: Diversity as a Gift - Chris & Chelsea Kirby

Date:20 August: Diversity as a Gift - Jacynthia Murphy

Date:13 August: A Place of Grace - Gareth Walters

Date:06 August: A Place of Grace - Gareth Walters

Date:30 July: Dare Greatly - Josh Jones

Date: 23 July: Dare Greatly - Josh Jones

Every year on Easter Sunday, we rightly proclaim “Alleluia! Christ is risen! HE is risen indeed!” But each day as we travel to our work and study spaces, as we face the challenges of our family and friend relationships, come to terms with a rapidly changing world and generally grapple with a myriad of life’s experiences. How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ impact and influence who we are and how we live in this ‘real world’? We know that this inaugurated ‘New Creation’ of which Christ was the ‘first fruit’ - dramatically changed the disciples forever but how can we experience and live this kind of transformational hope in the rigours of everyday life? On May 7th we begin a look at the Resurrection stories from the BOOK OF JOHN to explore these questions.

Date:16 July:

Date:09 July:

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Date: 02 July

Date: 25 June

18 June:

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11 September 2016


Sermon:  Gareth Walters

4 September 2016


Sermon: Josh Jones

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Sermon: Gareth Walters


 21 August 2016


Sermon: Chris Clarke

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Co-workers for God's creation

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Taking Risks

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Formation in Christ

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The Great Co-Mission

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Resurrection Hope

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