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St George's Church offers a comprehensive pre-marriage course. It is a requirement of all couples who marry at St George’s to participate in marriage preparation, either through their own church, or through St George’s. The course we offer is the highly acclaimed Marriage Preparation Course, produced by Alpha International (Holy Trinity Brompton). It is held over five sessions of two hourly blocks and covers key topics: Communication; Commitment; Resolving Conflict; Keeping Love Alive; and Shared Values; plus other vital topics that help develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage.

The total cost is $50 per couple; this covers two workbooks. All exercises during the sessions are carried out between couples separately. There is no group discussion with other couples.

We hope to be able to announce our 2017 dates for our Alpha Pre-Marriage Course, before the end of November.
To register for the Marriage Preparation Course, please contact the St George’s Church office.