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Community Outreach

At St George's we see life as a gift from God, an adventure to be explored.  We are passionate about helping people in their life adventure, at whatever stage of the journey they might place themselves.  In the "Explore" section of our website, you'll find particular ways in which we help people to be life explorers.


For those exploring the Christian faith, perhaps for the first time, please choose the Alpha section, where you'll find details of the world's most popular course to help people discover the basics of Christianity.

We're passionate about involvement in our locality and we run a number of community initiatives.  To find out more and how to get involved, please visit the "Blessing our community" section.

We don't just have a heart for our local community; we are also globally minded and love to support ways in which God's love is being shared across the world.  In the "Mission Partnership" section, you'll find information about people we support, who are serving God beyond the shores of NZ.

So wherever you are on life's great adventure, we'd love to help you explore it more . . .